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Nash and Cameron en We Heart It.

Can I have a ship please? That's me in the icon ☺️ thankyou Xx



  • Ship: Aaron
  • Bestfriend: Shawn
  • Admirer: Jack G

Song - Scence Two —- Roger Rabbit - by SWS

Dating Aaron:

  • Getting eachother cute gifts
  • knowing everything about each other
  • playing video games
  • everyone adoring you
  • always being complimented by him

Hey my name's Chante and is it ok if i can have an imagine with aaron? im 5'5, 15 and my icon is what i look like :) can the imagine be that i meet aaron at magcon, we end up talking and then dating? thankyou Xx



I walked into his line and luckily my friends and I were towards the front of the line. I was just talking to Y/N about Y/Fav and how we were going to his line next. When she told me to turn around I saw we were two people away from meeting Aaron. “Oh my god Y/N I don’t think I can do it I’m going to start crying or something!!” “Chante you’ll be fine this is you’re only chance.” She pushed me and I feel into someone who surprisingly caught me. When I turned around to thank them, I saw who it was and almost started crying but I managed to pull myself together. “Thank you Aaron.” I blushed “No problem babe. What’s you’re name?” “Uh Chante. Sorry I’m really nervous because you’re beautiful and you’re my favorite and I’ve been waiting for this day forever.” “Yo that’s okay and If anyone she be saying someone’s beautiful it should be me to you. You’re gorgeous. Give me your number and I’ll text you later and maybe we’ll hang out if you want?” “yeah for sure!” I gave him my number and we took out picture and then Y/N started screaming. “OTP! OTP!” Eventually the whole crowd was chanting it. Out of embarrassment I put my face in his chest and felt myself hardcore blush.After that we went and met y/fav who also asked us to hang out later. When we left the event Aaron texted me the address to the hotel. We went back to our hotel first and I changed into sweats, a t-shirt, a beanie, and flip flops. While y/n changed into sweats, a light sweatshirt, flip flops, and a SnapBack. Their hotel was just down the block so we walked to their hotel and met them in the lobby. They took us up to their room and we watched some movies with all of the guys. It was Aaron and y/favs room so us four got the beds while everyone else sat on the floor and uncomfortable hotel chairs. I had fallen asleep and the next thing I know it’s light outside and Aaron’s arms are wrapped around me. I yawned and stretched trying to get up with out waking Aaron but right when I got a little loose I felt him bring me close again. “Chante don’t leave yet stay and cuddle with me.” “What about Y/N?” “She’s over there with Y/fav” “Wait so you just let two complete strangers stay with you last night?” “Well I mean when I like someone I do crazy things for and with them even if we just met.” “You like me?” “Right when you fell into my arms I got butterflies.” “You know know that I think about it I did too.” He kissed my nose. “So will you do me a favor?” “What?” “When you go home don’t go looking for a boyfriend because I want to get to know you.” THE END!!


They’re evolving

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You get:

  • ship (regular, bestfriend, admirer)
  • song on shuffle
  • what your relationship and friendship consist of

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My 4 year old brother told me he was scared to grow up and cried for like 10 minutes straight

finally I asked why he was so scared

and he said he was scared of drinking coffee


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